Thursday, February 09, 2006

Here is some of my bead work, I really need to start beading again, I use to sell things in Canada at a Gallery but now they are down at the Oregon Coast.
Most of my stuff is sold but some I still have and I know I need to learn more about this blog thing and loading stuff.

Well my baby was mad at me this morning, he had to get his face and ears washed, but he was so good about it and just like any baby after a nice warm bath he went out like a light and is now taking his nap.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I really need to get back to my beading but I'm going to do some beading with my knitting so that will be fun.
Here are a few pieces that were fun to make and also meant a lot to me while making them and after making them.
For my youngest sister Jayne before she passed away a nice necklace made out of a wonderful crystal that I beaded around. Rose pins I made for my mother in law and the beautiful ELVIS
necklace I made for our daughter.
The Strap of the Elvis Amulet Bag has around 5 of his songs written, it was fun to make but I'm not sure if I'd do any more.

Sam is a Yorkshire Terrier.
Here is our new baby he is the love of my life each day he does the cutest things and makes me laugh all day. He loves his daddy because daddy keeps him warm, he loves playing with his big brother Max and big sister Brandy.
He always trys to type a letter to e-mail off. Our little 2 pound wonder Sammy.......

My second knitted socks.
Was I ever surprised this morning when I opened my e-mail, the socks that I knitted were featured for this month on this web site so I was very happy about it. Now if I can figure out how to post a picture of them here I will.