Thursday, September 13, 2007

It has been a long time since I have posted and a lot has happened since then.
This past summer I fell and broke my ankle, then I fell and cracked a rib what fun that was.

This past June my hubby after 42 years of working at the same place was fired for cussing---what a joke that was---I guess it is an easy way to get rid of long time employee's. He had calls that same night for different jobs---well he took one and worked for two days then the third day his foot hurt him and what a wake up call---his toe was black he ended up in the hospital and lost the top part of his foot after 11 days in their he came home for 1 month of bed rest.

We were lucky he only lost all his toes it could of been up to his knee.

He is doing great now and should be able to work by the new year, thank the Lord we had some CD's because since he can't look for work his unemployment was stopped. So we are strapped for money.
We are managing but we sure don't spend crazy.
I'm loading some of my jewelry that I have made and I'm going to sell on E-Bay to help us out----under ladyjm7--------- some are earrings, my cab pins, needle case necklace, barrette and bracelet plus more I should have time listed tomorrow.
I was able to take a doll class from Sherry Groshan---which is FABULOUS check
out her web site You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for looking at my blog.

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